About Us

We began our adventure several years ago as a result of researching what most commercial dog foods contain. One of our 6 Basset Hounds, Elliott, had digestive issues and we began our journey to help him.

After reading about holistic natural foods, we tried Elliott on Solid Gold and within a few very short weeks, he became a different dog. No more upset stomach and his coat became shiny and luxurious and his ears were spotless. We fully began to understand the benefit of feeding a wonderful food. Always ask yourself, if I only had one choice of food to eat, 7 days per week, 365 days per year AND I wanted to be healthy, would I eat hot dogs? Yet most commercial food and treats contain ingredients that hold little nutritional value.

We knew we needed to let other dog and cat lovers know the benefit of feeding superior foods coupled with holistic methods of healing so we opened The Houndstooth Bakery and Boutique on May 22, 2002. Since that time we have had the pleasure of shaking paws with so many wonderful new friends and hope we have helped a few along the way.

house[1]Here is where our adventure began. Our shoppe was originally located at 30 North Main Street in Bainbridge and we operated it here for almost 7 years. At that time we were owned by 6 Basset Hounds, Elliott Oliver Cooper, Miss Lucy Gooseberry (the Queen!), Franklin Augustus Henry, Duncan Montgomery Doolittle Donut, Sadie Mae and Harrison McDoogle Sampson and 3 Felines, Winston Churchill, Chloe and the infamous Murphy Brown.

We have moved to new digs in October of 2013. We are right in downtown Sidney, a bit more of an urban location! Our mission remains the same – great food = great health! And we are now lovingly owned by Boone, a German Shorthair Pointer that has an incredible back story!! (and would not be thriving had it not been for great nutriton!!).