Testimonials from our proud owners

The Houndstooth is GrayCeeJay’s favorite place to visit. She loves annoying Murphy Brown, as well as the attention (like she needs it) she gets. GrayCeeJay has hip dysplasia and has had two surgeries. Obviously, she has special needs. Cassandra has been very helpful with advice and suggestions for her. Sydney, an indoor Himalayan, has benefited from Indoor Wellness cat food. Cassandra always seems to enjoy hearing “animal” stories, especially about my “feline felon.” GrayCeeJay, Sydney, and myself are so fortunate to have the Houndstooth available to us. Thank you!

Charla H. Sidney, NY

I just celebrated my 1st birthday & it was an ordinary day. On Jan. 3rd, Mom went my favorite store & got me my own birthday cake! It came with a candle (Mom wouldn’t let me eat it) & a birthday hat (I wore it just enough to get a to keep her happy & get a picture). I was a really nice girl & shared my cake with my best friend, Jasmine (she’s a cat, but we all can’t be perfect). We gobbled it up in no time. I can hardly wait until I’m 2! Thank you for the wonderful munchies!


Penny G. Oneonta, NY

I have been struggling for 4-5 years now trying to find a dog food that both of my dogs would like. In the past, I would fix it and end up throwing most of it away.

I finally tried Sojos EUROPA. My dogs are absolutely crazy in love with it. It is grain FREE. It is dehydrated and I mix it up a few days at a time and just add meat. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Thanks Cassie and Jim for recommending it!!!!!

Cathy V. Unadilla, NY

Captain here, I have to tell you about my bath time. I have always hated it. I have got to the point where i just took it like a pooch, because my parents are going to do it no matter how I feel about it. I much rather have my “doggie purfume” if you know what i mean. But since my mommy has bought the Buddy Wash, from the Houndstooth, I just can’t wait for daddy to give me a bath. If I hear the water running in the tub I am there. Sometimes I even get in the tub and hope dad will give me a bath. But he doesn’t understand that as of yet. Sometimes we go visit my dad’s mom, and I jump in her tub. All dad does is laugh and take me out of the tub. See how these humans are lol. I am 2 1/2 and Tennille is 1 1/2, she’s still such a baby. She thinks she can change mom and dad’s minds about bath time. Youngins, need I say more?! Buddy Wash is so relaxing and that’s saying a lot for a min pin. I also don’t itch any more, like I did with other shampoos. I just love bath time now. Thank you Houndstooth. We been going there for over a year now. We just love it there. Keep up

John & Maria O Sidney, New York

My 5 month old pup (named “Gracie”) had a UTI and her PH was running pretty alkaline. My vet did not tell me how to combat this and if Cassandra had not introduced me to “Barely Berry” I have no doubt Gracie would have developed struvite stones and require surgery. Cassie will tell you she is not a vet but she certainly knows a great deal about holistic cures, and I would be willing to bet she has saved many a dog from unneccesary pain and surgery.

Thank you Cassie for all your labor in helping us keep our pets healthy and happy. With much gratitude, Barbara and Gracie.

From: Gracie (Labrador Retriever) Owner: Barbara T. from Deposit, NY

I started my two cats, Johanna and Sophie, on “Wellness” catfood in early 2004 (when they were one years) because I wanted them to live long and healthy lives, and I had doubts about all those ingredients listed on commercial petfood bags. Not long after I started them on “Wellness” chicken I took in five feral kittens who were about two weeks of age (in Sept. 2004). When they started to eat solid foods I bought a commercial brand kitten food because I hadn’t seen kitten food in the “Wellness” brand. All five kittens have colitis. I did a lot of research, on colitis and sensitive stomach, and came up with a commercial brand catfood which is available at my vet’s office. It is has a long list of ingredients with strange names and dark backgrounds, and carries the same pricetag as the holistic and/or natural foods sold at “The Houndstooth”. So I went back to “The Houndstooth” and asked Cassandra which food would be suitable for my kittens and she recommended “Wellness Salmon” and told me that cats with colitis shouldn’t eat chicken based foods, something I hadn’t found in my search (and I searched everywhere including at my vets office)! I bought a small bag of the salmon “Wellness” to try and I never looked back, even the two year olds, Johanna and Sophie, started crunching away on the salmon flavored “Wellness”.

All seven look great, their coats are soft and shiny, they are full of energy and the times of vomiting and diahhrea are in the past. If it wasn’t for Cassandra’s knowledge of the benefits of the foods she sells I am sure my cats wouldn’t be enjoying the good health they are in now. I am switching my two ferals, Pooh Bear and Mohawk, over to a natural food and will be adopting 8 more cats in the near future who will also be switched over to a natural food. The cost of the foods outweighes the cost of veterinany care, and a healthy pet indeed is a happy pet! My life is enriched by my pets and the fact that they are happy and in good health makes sharing my life with them so much the better and easier. I am still trying to switch my three dogs over to a healthier food, but they are harder to convince of the many benefits than the cats :-)! Thanks to “The Houndstooth” I can buy the best of the best in canine and feline foods locally. Thanks :-)!

From: (canines):Ranger, Christian, Candee,(felines); Johanna, Sophie,Lucky Luke, Einstein, Violet, Emma Lou, Lucy Lu,(feral felines): Pooh Bear, Mohawk,(guinea pigs): Teddy, Oger, Chuck, Annie. Owner: Linde S. from Guilford, NY

I love visiting The Houndstooth with my Mom & Dad. I know when we are going there because it’s a long drive, but everytime we go there, we get my favorite Solid Gold treats & food. Sometimes my Mom tries to get me to put on clothes & hats (yuck), but Dad’s on my side and says “No way!” I always find a friend in there and my skin has gotten so much better since Mom started talking to the nice lady there. I like smelling EVERYTHING and she is so nice she lets me smell anything I want to smell. One time I had an accident and she didn’t yell at me either. I just love it there. The Houndstooth gets a rating of 5 barks out of 5 from me (and I am one picky judge!)

From: Callie (Cocker Spaniel) Owner: Katie & Gary P. from Deposit, NY

I have been going to the houndstooth bakery for a while now and have been very satisfied. It is a wonderful place that has a lot of wonderful products it was not until I walked in the store and talked to Cassie about the foods that I learned how much better I could do by my dogs and their diets. One of my dogs has a very sensitive stomach and about 3 times per year we were at the vets office because he was so so sick. After changing my dogs all over to wellness my dog no longer had any more vet visit over stomach issues. Yes the food does cost more but I equait it to do you want to feed you dog McDonalds every day or filet minon. In my book the better food is worth every penny in save vet bills and in extending the life expectancy of your beloved pet. My dogs are not just my pets they are my children to and at the houndstooth bakery they truely understand that are go out of their way to help us humans to give our pets the best possible life.

Thank you houndstooth for all that you do and for just being there. Also,thanks for taking the time to care about your customers and getting to know us and our pets. These things are truely what makes you and your shop stand out from the rest.

From: Tempei & Abby (shepard mix), Haley (mini daschund), and Ripley (min pin jack russell mix) Owner: Lori H. from Mount Upton, NY

Our sweet dogs, Ruby and Rose, have benefited greatly from the knowledge that Cassie has to share about dog nutrition. I’ll save you from the long story of Ruby’s ear problems and Rose’s sensitive stomach ~ but they are much healthier and happier since we’ve been feeding them Pinnacle trout and sweet potato dog food. Yes it costs a little more, but it costs much less than all of the vet bills that accomplished more harm than good.

The vet had given us one medication after another and Ruby was getting worse instead of better. What we put this dog through is a shame. One walk into The Hounds Tooth changed our lives. Cassie doesn’t claim to know everything but she definitely knows more than anyone else I’ve spoken to about dogs nutrition/health, and she is obviously diligent in her research and extremely caring! We are fortunate to have such a valuable resource in our area.

Walking into The Hounds Tooth is not just a shopping experience, it’s an education.

From: Ruby and Rose (Standard Poodles) Owner: Sally G.D. from Coventry, NY

Wanted to let you know .. my daughter LOVES the collar lights we bought from you, for her pets! She commented that they are a blessing in the yard at night… and also on the road for evening walks ! .. Thanks ever so much for being here!… Debi :o) !!!

From: Aleutian (Malamute) and Sable (Akita Elkhound mix) Owner: Debi R. from Bainbridge, NY

About 2 months after my mom brought me home from the breeder, I started having seizures. So mom brought me to Cornell but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Thankfully mom heard that the corn in those store brand dog foods can cause seizures. So ever since I have been on Solid Gold dog food, and guess what, no more seizures. Thanks mom and thanks Solid Gold. Love, Kiely.

From: Kiely (Sheltie) Owner: Jackie H. from Norwich, NY

I was introduced to The Houndstooth about 2 months ago,after exausting every resource to find an answer to my poor pup’s allergy problems I was starting to lose hope that there was any help for her.After spending hundreds of dollars and seeing a variety of vets I was not seeing any improvement with her condition(hair loss and scabs on her legs,feet,belly and ears). A friend of mine brought me to meet Cassandra who is such an inspiration & a fountain of knowledge to boot. She explained things to me about the nutrition of my pup that no vet had ever mentioned.And she was able to relay researched information to me that made complete sense and was easy to understand. In my eyes she and her husband are completly dedicated to pets and people. In closing I’d like to say that the product (Solid Gold-Holistique Blend) that Cassandra recommended for my Penny girl has her completly cured and back to her young self in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks.I thank her from the top and bottom of my heart that she took the time to do all this research to make our pets lives better and healthier,and Penny thanks her too because now she can frolic without pain with her human siblings again. “WE LOVE THE HOUNDSTOOTH!!AND IT’S PROPRIETORS!!”

From: Penny (Yellow Lab) Owner: Debbie D. from Franklin, NY

We are the luckiest Labs going since our Mom started shopping at the Houndstooth Bakery & Boutique and met our good friend, Cassie. We love our Pinnacle dry food and our coats are so shiny and beautiful. When we go for check ups at the vet’s, even she tells us how beautiful our coats are and that we must be eating really good food to look that way. We’re really glad that there is such a good place as the Houndstooth.

From: Sami, Cody & Brady (Labrador Retrievers) Owner: Barbara M. from Roxbury, NY

“B” has moved to marathon from his hometown of bainbridge and has yet to find a boutique that suits him as well as the houndstooth. mom still gets his food and special treats from cassie, but misses his visits with her. “B” always felt welcome at cassies store and would recommend that if you can get your owner to stop by, you will be treated to a homemade biscuit and sincere howdy do from cassie and jim. what a shopping meckaa for dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: “B” (Shepard/Beagle mix) Owner: Cathy S. from Marathon, NY

We are a couple of senior girls who really like what Mommy buys for us from the Houndstooth Bakery and Boutique. We used to eat Canidae dry food, but can’t now that we have had a lot of teeth pulled. Daisy has only 10 teeth and a sensitive tummy, so she is a fussy eater. Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken is Daisy’s favorite because it is easy to chew and doesn’t upset her digestive system. Canned foods from Canidae, Pinnacle, and Evanger’s(chicken)are really good, too.

From: Jezzabel (Miniature Poodle) and Daisy (Maltese) Owner: Lois B. from Unadilla, New York

Life is sweet now that our folks have found Houndstooth Bakery. We LOVE Solid Gold adult maintenance – Just A Wee Bit. In point of fact, we’d like a wee bit more of the stuff- YUM! We Schipps may be a sturdy little breed but our tums can be a bit tricky and Solid Gold has done the trick. We’re a rompin’, stompin’ duo now. Thank you Cassandra for setting us up with a sample and thanks also for having such a wonderful store in which our folks can do all their K9 shopping!

From: Emily (Schipperke) & Zoe (Schipperke) Owner: Jean V. from Morris, New York